July 21, 2024

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What Are the Benefits of Starting Your Own Direct Selling Home Business?

What Are the Benefits of Starting Your Own Direct Selling Home Business?

There are many benefits of starting your own direct selling home business. The main one is that you will need very little investment in capital to get started. The only money you should pay is your new account identification number and any products you’ll use to demonstrate. Many times, you can start with the basic and most popular products to begin with and then add more products later as you begin to earn money. This is impossible when looking at buying or renting a building to start your own business as those costs are typically thousands and thousands for most people. Not to mention inventory, labor, taxes, payroll and all the other expenses of starting a business.

Another benefit of starting your own direct selling home business is that you can work around your current schedule. Most of the time your appointment will only take an hour or two so you can slot them into various times of the day, only work one or two days a week, or my personal favorite is to make most appointments at my home. This makes it convenient for those wanting a break from their routine or just to get away. It also forces me to keep my house in order for my guests and my guests don’t have to worry about cleaning or even tidying up for me to come there. Many people start their own business part time so that they can continue working their primary job until the direct selling business starts producing an income that allows them to quit the  primary job. When you work for yourself, you make the rules, determine your schedule and answer to no one except yourself.

One very often overlooked benefit to starting your own direct selling home business is the amount of tax deductions that you can legally take on your yearly tax report. As long as you’re working your business as a true business and trying to make a profit, the government allows you to deduct many expenses. Some of these are a home office, including paper, ink supplies, computer, printer etc. You can also deduct a percentage of your utility bills (based on how many rooms are in your home), auto expenses including mileage to and from trainings and appointments and even meals ie. when you take a client to lunch to discuss your business. You will need proper receipts and filing so be sure to keep a handy system in place for all your records.

When you start your own direct selling home business you will have the opportunity to build a long term residual income if you decide to share the business plan with others and help them build a business too. That doesn’t happen with a regular paying job. There you will need to earn enough to pay all your bills, expenses, entertainment, create a savings account as well as build your retirement account. Depending on the income opportunity plan, you can get paid several types of bonuses for sharing the business with others as well as bonuses on your personal sales.

More benefits for starting your own direct selling home based business are getting free paid vacations, gifts, recognition and the social aspect of meeting new people as well as the relationships you’ll build. Many new friendships come about with the people you’ll meet already doing the business and the relationships that will form from your new customers and helping them get the best benefits from your products.

Having your own direct selling home based business is an excellent form of personal growth and development as well. The more you learn and do it, the more your self esteem will increase as you become better and better at your business. There are excellent resources available to you in the form of books, e-books, CD’s, videos etc. if you choose to read and listen to them. They can increase your knowledge base as well as helping you to become the successful leader you’d like to be.

There are no limits to the success you can achieve once you decide to start your own direct selling home  business. Only 3% of the world’s population is successful and they do not work for anyone except themselves. The toughest thing to do is get started. Once you do that, all you need to do is to remain focused and determined to succeed and then never quit or give up. You can do anything you put your mind to.