June 24, 2024

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Using Cyprus Property Services

O.K, so you have signed your contract with the Cyprus property developer and it’s all systems go for that dream home in the sun. But who is going to take care of your property whilst you are not using it yourself? This is a matter of real importance especially if you are going to be renting that villa or apartment out to other holiday makers too. The chances are that you are going to need to employ the services of a Cyprus property maintenance company to take care of things during your absence. The problem of course is finding someone you can trust with access to your apartment or villa whilst you are thousands of miles away. If you are beginning to get the picture it will be apparent that there is more to this property maintenance than just a bit of a sweep round and some window cleaning.

Most Cyprus property services companies will offer a tailor made package to suit your specific requirements from basic cleaning through to a total home care package. They can deal with anything from minor repairs to the cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool too. Linen and regular maid services can be included and even the collection and delivery of your holiday makers from the airport. In fact all those little details that will need attention can be included in your contract with the Cyprus property maintenance company. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have someone look over the house or apartment once in a while even if you don’t intend to rent it out to anyone when you are not there.

Many of these Cyprus property services companies will also offer a full letting service too. When combined with all the other services they offer it can make perfect sense to allow them to deal with your holiday lets as well. It makes a great return on your investment and funds any ongoing expenses you are likely to incur including the cost of the property maintenance itself. The holiday rental market in Cyprus is huge and continues to grow as peoples booking habits evolve. More and more folks are preferring to “build” their own holiday packages including flights and accommodation rather than using a travel agent based package tour.

The growth in the internet as a means of instant price comparison has fueled this expanding rental market and there are plenty of willing Cyprus property owners ready to supply it. Many owners of new apartments and villas in Cyprus have purchased their Cyprus properties solely for investment purposes. These folks have purchased now before prices go beyond their reach but don’t want to use the property until they are ready to retire. They have decided to rent them out as long term lets on yearly renewable contracts to earn an income whilst they are not using themselves. Although the income for long term rental is only about 25% of that achieved from holiday lets it is more sustainable over the long term and the maintenance is also less intense.

The Cyprus property services also offer contracts for such lets including collection of rent and property maintenance too. They can also make sure that your tenants pay for any work carried out beyond the scope of the owners responsibility such as blocked drains or accidental damage etc. There is nothing worse than having the hassle and frustration of a problem thousands of miles away and no one to deal with it for you. Property has always been a good investment and property in Cyprus is no exception so if you want to protect your investment perhaps you should use Cyprus property services.