July 21, 2024

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The Top Seven Reasons to Rent an IBC Tank Instead of Drums

The Top Seven Reasons to Rent an IBC Tank Instead of Drums

Thanks to their construction and durability, intermediate bulk containers are a great alternative to the standard drum that is still so prevalent across the U.S.

The advantages of an IBC tank over a drum cover every aspect of container usage:

  • Disposal concerns
  • Product loss
  • Shipping costs
  • Labor costs
  • Liability issues

The reasons that many transporters are opting for IBCs over drums are clear:

  1. 73% reduction in container costs

    • You only need to lease one 550-gallon IBC tank vs. ten 55-gallon drums.
  2. Eradication of all pallet costs

    • IBC tanks have 3- or 4-way fork channels; pallets are not required.
  3. 90% lower labor costs

    • Time spent handling, filling, storing and transporting is reduced.
  4. 96% cut in product loss

    • Fewer containers, with sloped drains offering better drainage, mean less product loss.
  5. 55% reduction in disposal, cleaning & return freight

    • It’s much more efficient to clean and return one IBC monthly than dispose of 120 drums.
  6. 75% difference in the total annual cost for 6,600 gallons

    • $1.48/gallon for drums vs. $0.38/gallon for IBC tanks
  7. Immeasurable relief from concerns over disposal and liability

    • IBCs are reusable, environmentally friendly and less likely to be found dumped illegally.

Switching from drums to IBC tanks not only saves money but also preserves peace of mind. IBCs can reduce the number of workplace accidents and injuries, since workers use forklifts – instead of brute force — to move the tanks.

Using IBC totes in place of drums also can cut filling and handling times by as much as 80 percent: Fewer containers means less time opening and closing tanks. IBCs also drain more quickly and completely, reducing reside disposal along the way.