June 17, 2024

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The Real Estate Listing Appointment: How Agents Close The Deal: 5 Steps

There’s an adage, in real estate, which states, the agent, who controls the listings, controls the market! In order to obtain these listings, it’s incumbent upon a professional, to use all the necessities of his trade, and to go beyond, merely making appointments, and giving a presentation, but, also, proceeding to, professionally, close the deal, and obtain the listing for the specific, target property. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, and discuss, a 5 – step approach, and technique, quality agents use, to obtain as many listings, as possible.

1. Listen/ learn; understand; review; restate concern: Many seem challenged, to avoid the tendency, to begin speaking, and giving their presentation, too soon? One should never proceed, without having a getting – to – know – you, conversation, listening effectively, and learning from this, what a specific homeowner seeks, his priorities, goals, and personal reasons, etc. Listening needs to be followed by learning and understanding, and before, proceeding, an agent should take the time, to review, what the homeowner said, in order to be certain, he’s on the same – page! Proceed to restate what you believe are the concerns, and wait until you receive acknowledgment, before proceeding!

2. Empathize: Homeowners want to be represented by someone, who appears to be empathetic, understands them, and cares deeply about providing the finest service and results. Therefore, stating, something like, I can perfectly understand how you feel, in fact most people I’ve worked with, and me, personally, have felt the same way, makes a world – of – difference!

3. Answer thoroughly, to their satisfaction: Don’t rush, or avoid addressing concerns, and/ or challenges/ obstacles! Rather, it is incumbent upon an agent, to answer and address these, thoroughly, not only factually, and to your satisfaction, but to theirs (and wait until their body language, etc, indicates, so)!

4. Restate/ recreate your case/ reasons, to hire you: Why should the homeowner choose you, to represent them? What will you provide, which is unique, etc, and will be an advantage to them? Very often, a transition phrase, such as, In light of, and then mentioning a few key reasons, helps, a lot.

5. Close the deal: After completing these first 4 steps, make your efforts count, so you maximize your opportunity, to be hired! The reality is, if you’ve performed the previous procedures, properly and effectively, you still need, to close the deal. Sometimes, a simple statement, beginning, with, Doesn’t it make sense, to hire someone, who will put you, and your interests, first, and provide the highest quality service and representation?

While understanding these steps, and using them effectively, will improve your results, you must do so, by making them, part of your persona. Will you commit, to being the best you can be?