June 15, 2024

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Solar Outdoor Lighting – How You Can Benefit From Solar Garden, Path, and Security Lights

Solar outdoor lighting is a cost efficient way to light the perimeter of your home or business. You may have seen the smaller solar garden lights, that are decorative and smaller fixtures, but now it is possible to use them as floodlights and building lights for commercial usage or home security.

For example, in solar garden lights, you may have seen lights that are hanging lanterns, pole lights or staked along walkways. You can use them for different effects in landscaping, such as silhouettes, shadowing or down-lighting certain trees or plants. Solar spot lights work the best, since they burn the brightest, but depending on the effect, you may want a more subtle light for waterfalls, or other garden features.

Solar lighting for commercial purposes uses solar LEDs to increase the brightness of the light. Traditional solar garden lights might have a fainter, bluish-purple color, where the newer LED solar garden lights and outdoor lighting looks like traditional lighting, and is bright enough for security purposes.

Solar outdoor lighting can be handy for deck lighting, as entrance street lamps, solar garden lights that mark a winding path, or security motion floods that are mounted on the building. Because there is no cost to run them, many people invest in higher quality fixtures and solar lighting systems, to make their landscape more attractive, while saving monthly electric bill expense.

In commercial applications, the cost savings can be substantial, especially in buildings where solar outdoor lighting systems are used on building lighting for security and multiple entrances, such as hotels, for example. By investing in a large solar LED floodlight system or motion detector floods, not only do they burn energy efficiently, but can cut thousands from the utility bill.

For home usage, it can cut your utility bill and allow you to place lights wherever you want, and not just close to where electric wires are run. This allows the flexibility of location and ease of installation that an electric fixture cannot compete with. Of course, they work best in sunny locations, so that they can get enough sun to power them until the next morning.

There is an organization, International Dark Sky Association that preserves and approves of solar outdoor lighting fixtures. They are mostly high-efficient, beautiful and luminous fixtures that provide quality solar outdoor lighting, or solar garden lights. Energy Star has a program and some of the solar lighting systems may qualify for rebates.

Solar outdoor lighting systems and solar garden lights come in a variety of styles, brightness and price ranges. They are an investment that will pay for themselves and offer you years of free enjoyment and security.