July 21, 2024

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Self-Leveling Concrete Provide Endless Options in Cement Floor Design

Self-Leveling Concrete Provide Endless Options in Cement Floor Design

Recently an architect sat down with a client to discuss a major renovation of a classic building’s interior. When it came time to talk about the floor, he recommended a polished concrete. The client was a bit confused because the cement slab was aged and cracked, besides he wanted a fresh, modern look.

The architect smiled and said there was no problem. They’d use self-leveling concrete; it was the best choice for the uneven and damaged areas and it offered unlimited design choices.

Self-leveling concrete solves all sorts of issues that often come up with cement flooring. If the surface is damaged, cracked, chipped, or uneven this treatment can be applied from ΒΌ” up to 1″ thick to meet precise specifications. This also solves many issues that come up around doorways, fixtures, and adjacent floors that may be at a slightly different height. It’s also a good choice for spaces with multiple posts, small alcoves and narrow spaces.

This thin layer of concrete can be dyed or tinted into hundreds of different colors or shades. These floors can be customized to almost any designer’s palette. Colored glass or terracotta chips can also be added into the mix to create one of a kind patterns and designs. The surface can then be lightly ground to expose the aggregate thus producing a natural, integrated look.

New technology has expanded the options in floor function and design. Self-leveling concrete can also be saw cut and colored to look like tile or patio stones. Unlike some stone surfaces that easily scratch and are difficult to clean, these floors are non-porous, non-slip, and extremely durable. They don’t require special cleaning solutions or toxic chemicals; soap and water is usually all that is needed.

Now you can get the look of marble, granite, or high end stone for an affordable price, and enjoy all the benefits of polished concrete. It’s important to find a contractor who has expertise in customized concrete floors. Since every job presents unique challenges, make sure to hire experts that can offer a wide range of design choices and will install the self-leveling concrete properly. Insist on a company that specializes in this area. When this floor treatment is done properly, it will look like new for many years. If you’ve never heard of polished cement or self-leveling concrete you will be surprised at the variety and performance it offers.