July 21, 2024

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Making Kermit Proud – Kids Going Green!

Making Kermit Proud – Kids Going Green!

Today more so then ever, going green is incredibly important. I use to laugh in school, when they would show us the movies with the people in “baked potato suits” walking around, unable to be outside with out that suit. The thought of our world getting to a point where fresh air, clean water and a safe environment were no longer available seemed outlandish to me. Thankfully our children today do not see that future as being made up. Kids everywhere are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and trying to find ways to protect mother Earth.

As parents we need to encourage this by example and opportunity. Here are ways that you can help your child/children go green! Recycling! Yes recycling is one of the best ways to help save the environment and it is free. It takes 100 years for 1 plastic bag to decompose. Think about how many plastic bags come into your house in a week. Recycle these bags by carrying a stash in your car, so that you can take your own bags into the store while shopping. Have your children collect the bags around the house for recycling; whoever gets the most gets a prize.

Teach your children about conserving water. Instead of letting the water run the entire time they brush their teeth, get the tooth brush wet, shut off the water, turn on to rinse and then off. Encourage them to take quicker showers, or a bath. Did you know that the amount of water and adult would use in a three minute shower is more water then what most people in Africa have to use for all of their daily activities? If you children do dishes, have them fill one sink with the hot soapy water, the other with the clear water for rinsing. They can towel dry or let them drip dry. Avoid using paper towels, use dish towels.

Water bottles are another big concern. If you do not like the taste of your tap water, invest in a filter for better tasting water and have your children refill the bottles you have instead of throwing them.

Their toys encourage them to share them with friends instead of throwing them away. My daugher and her friends take one day a week where they all get together and trade toys. At first we were upset about this, but then we realized each child is getting new toy to them, and they aren’t throwing the toys away. If other parents of your children’s friends aren’t keen on this idea have your child round up the batch of toys they no longer want and go down to the local homeless shelter, or talk to your doctor office about donating them to the play room.

Talk to your child about ways that they can get their school to go green and have them present it along with you to help the school go green as well. Go Green schools on average save two million pounds of paper and 14000 pounds of cardboard or 24,792 trees. Forty Eight thousand three hundred pounds of plastic beverage containers, 8700 printer cartridges and 13648 pounds of food waste. This is just to name a few things a Green school can save.

No child is too young or too old to begin going green. You can help them make a difference. It doesn’t even have to cost you a penny. Get involved; help your children protect our planet. Thank you.