June 17, 2024

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Internet Network Marketing – Building It By The Numbers

Internet Network marketing has changed over the years from the outdated archaic methods to the high technology methods used today. One thing that remains the same is building your mlm business by knowing some important numbers. Your financial success depends on knowing these numbers and building your downline using these numbers to guide you.. It is not your companies miracle product. It is not having the best compensation plan in the industry or the most solid company and management team.

We have been lied to in Internet network marketing. You still hear companies and distributors tell people they only have to personally sponsor a few people to build a successful downline. I guess they don’t tell you the truth so they don’t scare you off. The top leaders in our industry will tell you to sponsor 100-120 people in your first year. You have to recruit these numbers to find those 10-15 who will stick with you and build a long term business.

No matter what company, product, or compensation plan you have with your internet network marketing company, people will quit along the way. This is what happens to the average networker. There are those very rare situations where a professional networker recruits a few experienced pros and builds a massive team. This never happened for me or any networkers I know. I teach my team to build with business principals not luck.

The next three numbers changed the way I built my internet network marketing biz. 70-27-3. Your prospects fall into three groups. The 27% group is the answer to building your long term residual income stream. The 70% group is the cause of why most people quit their work at home business. The 3% group will not come in to play for most of us.

The 3% represents that elite group of networking pros or proven traditional business professionals. The bad news is experienced mlm pros will never join with a rookie. Sorry, it’s the truth. The same usually happens with top business professionals. They seek out a proven leader. The good news is we can still build a big downline without them!

The 70% represents the group of people who make a half hearted attempt at your business. Many of these people never do another thing after making their initial order. The traits of these people are no goals, inconsistent in most parts of their life, whine and complain alot, and live life doing the minimum to get by. They will blame you, the company, and the products for their failure. In internet network marketing we build an army of volunteers. Forget these people. This is the reason we do not sell people into our business!

The 27% group is made up of dedicated hard working salt of the earth people. They are not looking at getting rich in the next 30 days. These are the people who expect to learn and do some work to bring extra money into their household. The traits of these people are hard workers all their life, goal setters, involved in their communities and churches, and active lifestyles. This group will build your internet network marketing business. To learn more check out my link in the resource box.