Selling newspapers as a home based business has long been used by adults and teenagers who have a drivers license to help with finances. Some people do it for extra money others just to get by. However having a newspaper route or standing on a busy street corner are the only 2 ways available for this home based business marketing strategy. They each have their own pros and cons so let me explain what these differences are.

Newspaper Route: Adults or teenagers can do this if they apply themselves and can make good money but lets get to the differences between newspaper route and street vendor.

1. Adults doing this type of marketing newspapers will need to get up very early in the morning to deliver the paper to every home on his / her route by a certain time. Remember ladies can and are doing this as well, it is not just a guy thing anymore. Adult personals

2. Now wait a minute, what all is involved in this marketing strategy is it just delivering the paper or do they have to prepare before?

I would venture to say that this person is responsible for picking up and preparation of paper before distribution.

3. A car, truck or van can be used for this delivery process. They need to pay for gas otherwise they would need to walk or ride their bike. So unless they have a bike or want to walk their route which I doubt they would.

Having to pay for gas is a necessity and already cutting into their profits isn’t it.

(Bummer) And the way gas prices are going up, it makes it harder for anyone to hold on to the money they make on any job, not just this one.

4) Do they get paid right away. I am afraid not, I myself have had like 6 or 7 different people delivering my paper in the span of 3 years living here.

Why you ask, because like everything thing else in life, there are people who will try to take something and not pay for it. In which case happens a lot evidently just by looking at the statistics with my carrier. So what does the carrier do?

They quit after doing it a few months because their time is precious just like ours and if they are not making a profit then they leave it and at new person starts the same cycle again. This happens every day in every route, we just don’t know of this. Only a select few make it in the newspaper delivery industry which also applies to any industry.

Now a word on not receiving the paper which does happen occasionally. It could be that your carrier might be running late or someone took it from your property. Since the paper needs to be delivered at a very early hour and it is dark, who will see someone picking up the paper from your residence. Please if this happens to you and are not aware of this already.

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT call your local paper distributor. Because if you do, they will send you another newspaper but will charge an exuberant fee to the carrier. It is better if you have your carriers phone number and call them. Otherwise, they will not make any profit on that sale and lose money in the process.

Although this may be the choice for some, there are others who prefer to be street vendors.

Classified ads are a major investment small business owners depend on to succeed.

Plus they only reach about 20% of the offline market and factor in another percentage of that market is not all targeted traffic.

The ad comes out once a week if you can afford it weekly or maybe just once in a while for most.

However, if you advertised the same classified ad on the internet where 80% of your clients are looking for your product or service, your website can now be viewed 24/7, 7 days a week, 30 days a month.