As an entrepreneur, you have likely dealt with many failures. It’s part of the job. Success doesn’t come to those who wait – it comes to those who go out and get want they want. You don’t want to the person who waits for things and gets what’s left by those who hustle – be a hustler yourself!

It’s easy to form this habit. Believe in yourself and be determined.

4 Practices that Can Improve Your Hustle

1. Never Lean Back

A hustler pursues success and consistently get things done. One way to improve your hustle and become better than you already are is by setting bold goals. Set goals that are challenging and uncertain. These goals may not work, but working towards something scary is part of the hustle. Setting a brave goal and doing everything to achieve it is a sign of a hustler.

By not leaning back, you work to achieve your pursuit of success. It’s not about feeling like you don’t have enough. It’s about working to grow yourself and your business daily.

2. Market & Promote Yourself

Self-promotion helps to improve your hustle. There is a thin line between complete humility and being a jerk in self-promotion. Don’t fill your social media and blog with personal achievements. Instead, be dedicated to promoting your business. Tell people what you’re up to.

Be sure about your business’s success because it’s hard to hustle in something you don’t believe in. So be confident in self-promotion and believe in yourself and your company.

3. Don’t be Afraid of Criticism

Putting yourself out there is risky. Be ready to deal with the haters and don’t let them discourage you. A hustler should be able to brush off rejection and negative feedback without being upset.

Respond to negative feedback, answer harsh critics, and pitch to investors who are less interested in your service or product. Do everything you can to grow your business. Remember, no matter what you do, you can’t escape dealing with haters and critics. Do you want your business to succeed? Then ignore haters.