In the last few years, web and hosting technologies have made a lot of leaps. Technologies have quickly become redundant and web hosting companies have tried to offer new and improved services to their clients. Unfortunately there are still some web hosts that have not understood the importance of shifting gears and moving on to better services. If that describes your own web host, perhaps it is time to move on and let someone else host your website. Here are five indications that you need a change right away.

1. If your free or shared webhosting services come with sexual advertisements, then it is certainly time to go. Recently, there have been rising protests against the world’s leading hosting service – for their overuse of sexual advertising in their clients’ webspace. This means, more people who have hosted their websites on GoDaddy servers, are likely to have sexually themed advertisements appear on their website.

2. If your web hosting provider has been experiencing a lot of downtime or bandwidth crunch, be on the lookout for a company that would not have these problems. Bandwidth crunch does happen sometimes, when there is a lot of rush on your website; but if it is all too often, you need to rethink your host. Often, what happens is that your hosting provider’s marketing team may try to oversell their product to you by offering you unlimited bandwidth and space. You may happy buy into that, but they are certainly not giving you what they claim. That is why your website experiences so much downtime. However, if it has been happening all too often, and you are losing business because of it, you should not wait to exchange goodbyes.

3. You do not have space to upload heavy files, though your webhost claims you have unlimited space. This can be such a nightmare! CyberCoral recently came up with an advisory against the web hosting companies that offer unlimited space on their servers for throwaway prices. Now this is worth considering – when dedicated servers are so expensive, why would web hosts offer you all the space in the world for a fraction of the cost? They are simply trying to lead you into buying something that you wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

4. Some web hosting providers experience a lot of denial of service attacks (DDoS). These attacks can block their service networks and prevent you from accessing your website that may be on the affected network. This again means you may end up losing a lot of business. The more such attacks your web hosting providers fail to prevent you from, the more downtime your website faces. It is better to move to a web host that has sophisticated security networks.

5. Another problem with some web hosts is that they experience a lot of service outages due to a series of internal network events that corrupt router data tables. If that sounds like your web host, there is no point waiting around for them to finally come to their senses and offer you professional services. If they haven’t yet realized how important your business is to them, chances are, they will never realize this.

As a consumer, it is your right to expect the best services from your web hosting provider. If they are unable to offer you the services that they promised, it is time to stop giving them second, third and then some more chances. Instead, this would be the right time to get up and start looking for a hosting provider that would work hard to give you everything they promised and keep your business with them.