June 17, 2024

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Important Facts About Electric Heater Efficiency

If you, as a homeowner, use an electric heater, maybe it would be to your best interests to learn some basic information with respect to its efficiency. Knowing them will guide you to make the right conclusion. There are many types of electric heaters with different functions and efficiency ratings out there in the market. To go back to the basics, what is an electric heater? Well, it is an appliance using an electrical resistor to convert electric current into heat.

It is advisable for you to do some personal research to avoid deception. Some people may tell you that electric portable heaters are very efficient. Others will say that heat pump electric heaters are the best. There are also some sources who say that for you to determine their efficiency, simply reduce it to basic economics. How much is your annual electric bill going to be as compared with other kinds of heaters using natural gas or oil? The efficiency of a heater can be calculated. You just simply multiply the cost per kilowatt hour by the number of kilowatts the heater uses and the efficiency rating of the heater.

Electric heaters are classified as radiative, conductive or convective. Based on the different types in the market, you should be aware that understanding how they technically operate can play an important role to determine the efficiency of this kind of heater.

You may have a central electrical heating system or a movable space heater which can either be a portable radiative or convective. You may also have baseboard heater which operates from a mix of convection and conduction. There is also the underground heat pump technology which many people think is the most efficient.

Electric heaters are either passive or active depending on its effectiveness and performance. They are 100% effective if they send and spread the heat to where it is needed. Your passive heater is subject to the positioning and features of the rooms in the house. It operates based on the natural airflows in the room. An active heater is any electrical heater which can keep you warm at the right temperature. It delivers the right quantity of heat to a place where spot heating is needed to give your family warmth and comfort.

When it comes to space heating, using an electric heater can be practical and energy efficient if utility rates in your areas are low. Let us say, your sources are hydroelectric, solar, nuclear, or wind. But if your utility company is charging you high power rates, even if your heater is efficient in its performance, your electric bills are expensive if you compare it with a propane gas heater. Your option to save or cut down your high electricity cost can be to enhance your sealing and insulation of your walls, doors, windows, ceilings and attics, etc.

Of course, if you have somebody in your family which has an allergen or oversensitivity to certain chemicals, using an electric heater is more efficient since it is free from indoor pollution. Doctors will recommend electric space heaters.

So, there you have it. Get excited and learn more! Talk to some reputable HVAC contractors and get their advice and opinions. Exhaustive info is out there. An appropriate knowledge about electric heater efficiency will give you the necessary wisdom to make an excellent conclusion!