June 24, 2024

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Handling Difficult Tenants

In our past entry, we have talked how tenants can deal with difficult landlords. This time, we’ll be discussing the other way around. What if your tenants are difficult to deal with after you have let them sign the lease contract? Here are some tips.

Be confident. Confidence is a key aspect when dealing with difficulties. And this does not exempt dealing with difficult tenants. If you are confident when talking to them, you are more likely to get positive reaction from your tenant. The opposite happens when you are unsure of what you are presenting to them. Do not let your voice shaken when you’re saying something. It will be picked up as a sign of uncertainty.

Exercise right decisions. There are issues that needs prompt decisions made. For instance, if you see that the surrounding area of the rental property is untidy, then you have to call the attention of the tenant. Insist that the condition is unacceptable and will affect not only their adjacent tenants but them as well. Present them with scenarios that will make them realize the consequences of not doing the right things.

Be authoritative. While the tenants have some rights, you also have to assert your rights. But be sure you are asserting your authority in a just way. If the tenants habitually disrespect the existing rules of the property rental, you have every right to formulate a complaint which you can file at proper authority offices. Make sure that you know existing state laws which might affect your complaint.

Impose your rules. Keeping the best interests of the asset you are offering for rent, keep in mind too that imposing your rules will be aligned with taking care of it. If there is regular inspection every 28 days, do it so. If you are issuing notices when rental fee is one week overdue, don’t hesitate to send them.

Learn how to bridge gaps. There are tenants who may end up being always in your head because of a lot of things they usually complain. There are cheerful but hibernating types when due dates are coming. There are those who pay ahead but always have strings of complaints with this and that thing. Bridge gaps between them and you. Always hold your side of the bargain. Offer solutions which are win-win for both parties. After settling issues, be friends with them. Be friends but put barriers between being a landlord and them being tenants.