July 21, 2024

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Green Business Practices That Save Money And the Environment – A Look At Green Floor Cleaner

Green Business Practices That Save Money And the Environment – A Look At Green Floor Cleaner

Many cities and counties are requiring businesses to go green in order to help the environment. While some business owners might view this as an unnecessary policy that will just cost them money, others see it as a way to increase their profit margins as well as assume responsibility for our earth. Keep costs under control, catch the attention of new customers, and become socially conscientious by implementing environmentally friendly and energy efficient business practices.

An easy way to adopt such strategies is by using a green floor cleaner. This environmentally friendly machine utilizes only water to disinfect hard surface floors. By steam cleaning instead of using the typical mop and bucket, companies save money and resources over the long run. A green floor cleaner only requires washable cleaning pads or even a terry cloth towel instead of expensive, wasteful disposable pads. With other cleaners, chemical solutions have to be purchased frequently, and mops wear out and must be replaced. With steam cleaning, one product will last for years.

Additional Ways To Go Green

Along with using a green floor cleaner, businesses can save money by replacing paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms with air dryers. Some people complain that air dryers don’t get the job done quickly, but technology has introduced new types of dryers that work quite well. One example is the ‘Mitsubushi Jet Towel,’ which guarantees hands are dry in less than 12 seconds. This product puts out an air current calculated at an estimated 185 miles per hour. Assuming that each person uses two paper towels after washing hands, a company could save a lot of money in a year and could reduce its carbon footprint by about a ton in CO2 emissions by installing this type of machine.

Using only biodegradable chemicals for cleaning and manufacturing is another definite way a business can simultaneously help the environment and save money. Bio-based and non-toxic products keep air quality cleaner in a workplace. Chemical cleaning solutions put out toxins that people don’t even see. Inhaling these fumes can aggravate allergies, asthma, and cause illness. Steam cleaning promises to sanitize hard surface floors without leaving toxins or residues behind. Using this method, plus buying chemicals from manufacturing plants that break down easy and are harmless to the environment, keeps employees healthy.

For companies that use appliances, buying energy efficient rated products, such as ‘Energy Star,’ will greatly reduce electricity costs. To receive this rating from the government, products must offer major energy savings nationwide. By looking for this label, consumers can easily identify energy-efficient items that provide savings on energy bills without giving up performance, features, and comfort. Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves, dryers, and dishwashers are all available in energy efficient versions. However, many business owners probably didn’t realize that even ceiling fans, televisions, computers, cordless telephones, windows, and many other products now come in energy efficient models. Purchasing brands that conserve energy significantly saves companies money while helping the environment.

Other simple methods to save resources and money include turning equipment off overnight or when it’s not being used. Many companies don’t understand how much they can save by following this easy guideline throughout their company. Also, paper waste can be decreased by using email whenever possible. If paper must be used, copying or printing double-sided cuts down on unnecessary waste.

Get Employees Involved In Saving

Bosses can encourage employees to get excited about conserving resources and money by being a good example themselves. If the employer uses a green floor cleaner instead of the traditional methods, he shows his employees how easy it is to help the world we live in. Steam cleaning reduces waste and gets rid of germs that run rampant in an office or commercial building.

Heads of companies also show initiative by running recycling drives. Inspiring employees and families to recycle at home and work encourages people to take a little effort to make the world a better place. It also teaches children the importance of reusing items.

Contests for coming up with new ways to conserve resources or seeing who can save the most money are great ways to boost morale while getting employees to change procedures. Getting people involved and excited about new methods makes transitions easier and more easily accepted.

Armed with these few easy tips and suggestions, saving both money and the environment can prove a simple task.