June 17, 2024

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Features and Benefits of the Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano

Yamaha is the only manufacturer of acoustic pianos which also builds digital pianos and has improved its high-quality slab piano, the P-155 for the 2009 Winter NAMM. Although designed for a musician who is gigging and needs quality tone and touch piano, the Yamaha P-155 can also be used at home for practicing.

Features of this instrument include superior sound and GH (Graded Hammer) Effect key movement that can build adequate finger technique; a mahogany top board and black body with stylish and sleek design; and a GH keyboard with real piano feel. It also has AWM 4-level Dynamic Stereo and Pure CF, a USB attachment for playing and storing music, polyphony (max) and 128 notes.

With the Yamaha, well-known piano touch, the P-155 digital piano provides a high quality sound for use when you are performing by yourself, in a band, practicing at your home or away from home. The top-shelf technologies relating to digital piano from Yamaha plus the highly-expressive Graded Hammer keyboard save musicians from having to choose between piano quality and portability.

The Yamaha P-155 uses only a small space making it ideal for users who live in small spaces like apartments. It depends on built-in speakers and is controlled by a top efficiency stereo amplifier; however, it can be also attached to an exterior amplifier through line level (¼ inch) products with varying level of volume control.

Sampling: Pure CF for splendid tonality

The technicians for Yamaha chose a CFIIIs complete concert grand having top sound quality and managed to tune it to the best possible condition. They next used one of a kind Pure CF sampling method to sample all sounds to build the sound on the instrument. You can then enjoy the natural sounding reaction as a high-quality piano.

Advanced Wave Memory or AWM: 4-level Dynamic Stereo Sampling

The Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) is a system of sampling which builds sound that is close to the sound of an audio instrument by utilizing digital technology for recording the instrument sound and using the top-quality digital technology for filtering to the audio samples recorded. The Advanced Wave Memory Sampling evaluates these samples and can build such different nuances by taping samples of different playing strengths. The higher amount of samples utilized, the higher will be the potential outcomes and expressive quality.

Key-Off samples, Damper Resonance and Stereo Sustain samples

Yamaha has tried their utmost best in the Yamaha P-155 to capture the artifacts of the sonic instrument so that it will sound like you are using a grand piano. These painstaking efforts involve taping a felt damper, pausing on a pulsating string which sweeps over your performing action when utilizing the Stereo Sustain Samples and Damper Resonance (damper pedal).