February 21, 2024

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Buy Soap Nuts and Go Green!

Soap nuts or Sapindus are shrubs and small trees that belong to the maple family. They grow in tropical regions. Their crushed seeds are used to make soaps. Found primarily in India, Indonesia and Nepal Soap Nuts are considered to be an excellent alternative to the conventional laundry detergents.

The soapnuts are easily harvested. They are de-seeded and then sun-dried. These are normally organically grown; hence they do not produce harmful effects. They are specifically prescribed to those adults and babies who are prone to allergies, eczema and psoriasis. They have anti-microbial properties. This makes them safer for use in the septic tanks and other types of water systems.

Since they are biologically degradable, they are environment friendly as compared to the chemical detergents. Usually it is good to use 4 to 5 Soap nuts in a washing machine. Using warm water will bring about enhanced results. However, you may have to add the normal whiteners for extra results. The modern detergents are full of chemicals. These chemicals not only erode the fabric of your cloth, they can also produce rash on your skin. This is because these detergents leave residue on the clothes that does not rinse off completely, which in turn irritates the sensitive skins. On the contrary, the soapnuts are a perfect solution to your problem. They are natural and will never produce harmful effects on your skin.

Soap nuts have a variety of applications. They can be used to shampoo your hair. For this, soak the Soap Nuts overnight in water. In the morning before shampooing, strain the soap nuts and obtain clear water. Use this to shampoo your hair. Your hair will become soft and shiny.

Buying soapnuts is a remarkable way to contribute your feeling towards a green environment that supports less usage of chemicals. So go green and buy Soapnuts!