June 17, 2024

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Building Iguana Enclosures – Tips To Create A Proper Space For Your Iguana

What do iguanas need to stay comfortable in a captive environment? They need a place that they can roam freely but they are content in a tall, roomy and secure enclosure.

The iguana lizard species is cold-blooded and need to have a high temperature daily to warm their bodies. Iguanas will place themselves in the sunlight to give them some warmth by using its light. So you should be able to provide an enclosure with those types of needs.

One way to do this… although it will take longer to refit it properly is an unused closet that is either empty or just full of boxes. Despite how long it would take, it could be done and done right and your iguana, if it could talk, would thank you for it.

So how can someone build the perfect iguana enclosure? Listed below are several possibilities that can be utilized. They are:

Closets that are secured are one option. The closet’s size should be more than adequate as place for the lizard to linger. Although a closet depth of only two feet is narrow, it still works because of its height.

In saying this though, for the female iguana, the confined length is fine but for the male, there should be another place in the house that outdoor enclosure or a playing area within the house. When an iguana has interaction on a regular and daily basis, this builds those bonds of trust that iguanas need to have with their owners.

Should your iguana be living in an open cage but gets very little heat, the iguana could have trouble getting the most favorable temperature level, in turn, they could feel weak.

This is why a closet would work. Having a simple closet so your iguana can have its perfect controlled environment with the right temperature. The most troublesome part would be the removing the waste and getting water to and from the enclosure. Why would this be difficult to maintain. Closets do not come equipped with a sink or bathroom so making sure it is safe and clean can be a great challenge to owners.

Although too much space for them to hide in can lead to them escaping the heat. Making only the bottom two feet a space for them to hide works best because they tend to get jerky find places to hide along the bottom. This brings their chances of having hypothermia up.

Your enclosure should have a round closet bar and a top shelf. The bar could be used to hang a lighting fixture but it is possible it could be too low. It is your choice either way on to maximize a limited space for your iguana.

When deciding to use the closet as the iguana’s place to live, remember that while the closet can hold in heat, it also prevents any air circulation. This is when you can put a screen door on the closet instead of a hard door that shuts or in conjunction with during those cold nights. Perhaps installing plexiglass where the vent for air is in the wall just above the door.

These are some ideas that can turn an unused closet into welcome used space. Add whatever you may need to the iguana enclosure so long as your pet is comfortable. If it is properly outfitted, the longer your iguana will live.

What are the things iguanas need to survive? A proper enclosure, food, water, sunlight, love and attention. Pretty much the same for human beings.