June 24, 2024

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4 Great Reasons to Buy Danville, California Real Estate

The beautiful town of Danville is located in California’s San Ramon Valley. With a population of just 42,000, Danville is one of the most expensive zip codes in the U.S. and one of the wealthiest suburbs of San Francisco and Oakland. If you’re planning your next big move, here are some of the best reasons to consider buying Danville, California real estate.

1. Excellent School System
If you have children, or plan to start a family soon, a great education system is probably at the top of your list when searching for a new home. Danville has two public high schools: San Ramon Valley High School and Monte Visa High School. The town is also home to The Athenian School, a private college prep school for students grades 6-12 that rests below Mount Diablo State Park. Start your search today for Danville homes for sale and your children can attend some of the best-rated public schools in the state, where a full 98% of high school graduates attend technical schools or college.

2. Great Outdoor Recreation
Do you love to spend time outdoors? Danville, California real estate offers no shortage of things to do on your weekends. The area is home to numerous parks, including the famous Mount Diablo State Park. This park is found just northeast of Danville and it’s centerpiece, Mount Diablo, is visible from the San Francisco Bay and a great deal of northern California with a peak of over 3,800 feet. The mountain appears as a double pyramid and this is one of the largest viewsheds in the Western U.S., accessible by foot, bicycle or vehicle.

3. “Small Town Atmosphere, Outstanding Quality of Life”
Danville’s motto is “Small town atmosphere, outstanding quality of life,” and it certainly lives up to this. Despite it’s growing population, Danville still maintains a small town feel with numerous community events hosted by the Danville Library, including the annual Halloween activities. The town also hosts an annual Christmas Tree lighting, a Fall Arts Festival every October, a Hot Summer Nights festival with live music and vintage auto displays and the Danville International Children’s Film Festival.

Still, buying Danville real estate doesn’t place you out of reach of the convenience of the big city. The town is home to numerous bookstores, shops, cafes and restaurants and it was ranked as number one in the country for the highest per capita spending on clothing, with average spending of over $2,000 per capita on clothes. Danville has a reputation as one of the premier shopping destinations in East Bay with over 240 stores and specialty shops to enjoy.

4. Rising Danville Real Estate Market
While the Danville, California real estate market certainly did not escape the collapse in 2008, the price of Danville homes for sale has continued to climb rapidly since 2011. In 2011, the average home in the town sold for $760,000 and which rose to $779,000 by April, 2012. Homes for sale in Danville, California have risen in price a whopping 23.5% year-over-year to its current average of $962,300. Given the booming population and Danville’s reputation, this trend is expected to continue, making now an ideal time to start the search for your dream home with one of the experienced Danville realtors in the area.